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Helping women and minorities get into newsrooms since 1993

The Sports Journalism Institute is a non-profit whose mission is to increase the diversity in the nation’s sports media from the ground up. The roughly 300 graduates of the classroom/internship program since its founding in 1992 are a testament to our devotion to this goal. Learn more →

Latest news

And the 25th Class is off!!!!

A week full of SportsChecks, deadline writing, Invictus rehearsals and of course many Scandal Before God as the Class of 2017 begins at the University of Missouri. Read more →

Alum James Wagner Profiled

New York Times New York Mets reporter James Wagner (2006) was profiled as a rare exception in Major League Baseball journalism circles. Mr. Wagner is a rare exception. (The Washington Post’s Nationals reporter, Jorge Castillo;’s Angels reporter, Maria Guardado; The Los Angeles Times’s baseball columnist and former Dodgers reporter, Dylan Hernandez; and USA Today’s national baseball reporter Jorge Ortiz… Read more →

Impact of SJI

Nick Creegan, On-Air Host at AOL, New York, NY

"SJI was one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling experiences of my life. I went in an amateur at AP style, writing on deadline and even staying on top of all current sports news. I left ready to take on my internship with confidence and later become one of the youngest daily sports show hosts in digital journalism."

Mariah Baylor, Manager For Multimedia Relations, Hampton University, VA

"I knew nothing before SJI. I learned what it takes to succeed in a fast-moving and ever evolving media industry. Scanning media outlets constantly to stay ahead of incoming news, as well as developing my network represent just a sliver of invaluable skills SJI engrained in my work ethic."

Ignacio Marquez, Production Assistant, ESPN Deportes and ESPN International

"SJI groomed me to become what I am today. The mentors I had there challenged me to become something more than an average human being. They prepared me for the adversity I was going to face as a young journalist and I believe I have overcome it."