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SJI Live 2018

Welcome from Class of 2018

2018 Reflections

Boot Camp Confidential: Final Day

Trip to radio show

Always room to improve on deadline

Deadline writing is hard. For the 26th class of SJI, that fact is no secret.

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Lopez wins Sports Check

Boot Camp Confidential: Getting the Knowledge

Message from SJI alum Wolfe: Be yourself

Something that NFL writer Cameron Wolfe said that stood out to me was how he handled his transition from intern to full-time reporter for the Denver Post.

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Getting in style

David Squires spoke to our SJI class Thursday about grammar and style, and his lecture was easily one of my favorites this week.

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Wolfe’s message: “You belong”—and we do

It’s motivating to me to see another man of color who is serious about, and successful in, journalism, and for that reason I found my conversation this week with ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe very inspirational.

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The right user experience is key to success

For the past several months, my girlfriend — Maddie, she’s also a journalist — has been talking to me about a possible major: experience architecture.

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Boot Camp Confidential: Classroom Thoughts

The brotherhood—and sisterhood—of success

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Jose de Jesus Ortiz speak the truth on May 30. He understands what it means to be the only person of color in the newsroom.

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Life isn’t all about the achievements

We live in a world where people all around us are suffering, grieving, trying to make ends meet.

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Twitter and Glitter

Today’s lectures on social media usage was very helpful and made me reflect on my accounts. My biggest takeaway is it only takes one mistake.

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Trust the Process

As journalists we often get too invested in chasing our dream job that we don’t take the time to appreciate the journey it took to get there.

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Diversity on display

I want to highlight my SJI classmates. They come from all walks of life. They come from all over the country and dozens of nations.

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Boot Camp Confidential: Learning Valuable Lessons

Let stories touch you, so you can touch others

Lisa Salters told us that we must be relentless in digging for vital pieces of information to improve our work.

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The glow is real with Salters

Life can be challenging, and demanding of hard work, but on May 29, Salters had a few twists on that common wisdom.

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Salters all about hard work and emotional investment

The biggest thing I took from our conversation her work ethic.

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Refreshing point of view

Scott Brooks, the author of “Black Men Can’t Shoot,” gave the SJI class a fresh perspective on the impact of sports on both our surroundings and ourselves.

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Inspirational message

The Impostor Syndrome means you can feel as if you do not belong in a particular environment when in fact you do belong and can add valuable insight.

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Great Scott!

I read Scott Brooks’ book “Black Men Can’t Shoot” a few years ago, and it was one of the most thought-provoking books I’ve read about sports culture.

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Instructors and speakers help instill confidence

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be around sports.

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You can have it all

My writing and my family are among the few things I truly love in this life.

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The day it hit me

For the first time in my life, I realized how beautiful college football is

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Great advice: “Pick 3 things and sell it”

For the first time in my life, I realized how beautiful college football is

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Boot Camp Confidential: Return to Kansas City

Our Memorial Day in Kansas City -- Produced by Chancellor Johnson and Steven Hernandez

SJI experience affirm I belong

I was 10 years old when I was first told I didn’t belong in this country.

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What can beat ribs and baseball?

We walked into the Gates Bar-B-Q restaurant and all of a sudden I felt like I was home.

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My three-week pork fast ends

From the moment I stepped foot into Gates Bar-B-Q, I got nostalgia from the smell of barbecue.

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A day of BBQ and the Royals

As a Kansas City resident, I love going to barbecue places.

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The Kansas City experience

Look, where I’m from — the metro Detroit area — we don’t have quality barbecue.

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The fear is gone

It’s crazy to think that we are closing another day of SJI. I don’t know what it is about these people, but it feels like I’ve known them for years.

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BBQ and friendship
Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year.

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The director's playlist
Whitney Houston. Beyoncé. Notorious B.I.G. Britney Spears.

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SJI's Musician (Produced by Steven Hernandez)

Boot Camp Confidential

The other Negro Leaguers

The trip the SJI Class of 2018 made to the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City was both enlightening and inspiring for me.

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Museum, like sports itself, is about more than stats

As a student sports journalist who is also invested in many of our world’s social issues, that was something I’ve always believed to be true.

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Sports and history meet in museum

Visiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City was an incredible experience. As someone with a heavy interest in race and sports, the museum was perfect for me.

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“Sports Check” can be a hard pill to swallow

There’s this meme on social media:
Recently, I’ve had to swallow a few of these pills for one reason: I’m not as knowledgeable in sports topics as I thought I was.

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Part of the group—and proud of it

She asked me the question when I arrived at the Hilton airport hotel in St. Louis.

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Internship check list (thanks, Aaron)

On May 25 I had the privilege of meeting SJI 2016 grad Aaron Reiss, who opened my eyes on what it takes to get into this industry plus how to stay there.

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It’s all about belonging—and we do

Aaron Reiss of the Kansas City Star opened SJI with a Q&A session about how to make the most of our time in Columbia.

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Making a connection

When I arrived at the University of Missouri in 2014, I found myself filled with excitement.

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Sports check tough—but maybe worth it?

Day 2 of the SJI bootcamp started with the now-infamous sports check.

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Players and great stories in spotlight at museum

You meet so many interesting figures from history in the Negro Leagues Museum.

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