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The creature that is “cool guy” clevis

The man, the myth, the legend: Clevis. The man who started writing for the Athletic Boston in his junior year of college. The man who asked Lebron James a question in game seven of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals. The man who won Suffolk’s Outstanding College of Arts and Sciences Student of the Year this past year. You may be thinking, what can Clevis NOT do?

Well, while Clevis may be the most interesting man in the sports journalism world, he describes himself as a “simple” man. And simple is an understatement. Clevis likes to eat plain Triscuit — maybe the most bland cracker — as a snack. He only likes home-cooked meals, and if given a chance at one last meal before he died, he would just have “whatever his mom was making that night.” He doesn’t like packaged or frozen food, strawberries, chocolate and isn’t a big cheese person. He doesn’t have a favorite food, team or movie — he’s never even seen “The Lion King!” He doesn’t really watch TV, besides Big Brother. He’s not a huge animal person. When his family got a cat, he and the cat made eye contact and he tried to pet it but it growled at him.

One of the only favorites he could actually identify is the color red, for the red power ranger.

So yeah, Clevis’ sports journey is incredibly interesting and exciting! But the rest of life? He likes to keep it simple.

— Elizabeth Finny