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Sports checks: a love-hate relationship

One of the goals of an aspiring journalist is to become an avid contributor to the 24-hour sports news cycle on a consistent basis. The first step to reaching that goal is to become an avid consumer of that cycle. It only took me a few hours at SJI to realize I’ve been lagging in my general sports knowledge. My performance on my first sports check quiz showed me I need to take my news consumption more seriously. I quickly learned that the process of becoming a top-notch journalist isn’t all about improving my writing. It’s also about establishing better habits in my daily routine, and the sports check quizzes have done that for me. It only took two days for me to start changing the way I consume news. I’m learning how to scan the 24-hour news cycle with more purpose. The quizzes are forcing me to visit a variety of news sources that were not initially included in my everyday routine. And although I’m still struggling with sports checks, they’re helping me become a better journalist.
–Frank Bonner ll