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Rankin: Expand and adapt

Duane Rankin spoke to the class about his experience as being part of the first SJI class in 1993 and his journey to to his current job covering the Phoenix Suns for the Arizona Republic.

Rankin, who has had many jobs since ‘93, gave the class many tips, including my favorite: You need to be able to expand and adapt. I appreciated this piece of advice because as a senior in college, I have so much more to learn and I have experiences waiting to happen. I think it’s extremely beneficial to be optimistic and know that curve balls are going to get thrown at me and those are only going to make me a better sports journalist.

Another thing that stood out to me from Rankin was when he said that we, the class of 2019 should realize how lucky it is. Rankin said he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for SJI. That was reassuring to hear. It has been only two days, but I think we all have benefited. I am excited to finish the week and to keep learning.

-Madisen Carter