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Potosky eyes bringing up new generation of leadership

By Arianna Vedia
SJI Class of 2019

From Rutgers University to the Philadelphia Inquirer, one thing has remained consistent for Gary Potosky: his love for sports journalism.

Potosky was elected the second vice president of the Associated Press Sports Editors in April. His vision for his upcoming term is simple yet sophisticated.

In an ever-changing industry, Potosky hopes to hone the digital-first mindset within APSE, while assisting the organization in bringing up the next generation of sports journalism leadership.

“It matters greatly to me that the young writers and editors understand the best practices and the best ways to get ahead in this business so that this business continues to thrive and continues to be important,” he said.

Potosky, the sports editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Daily News, and, is described by his peers as fearless, humble and full of knowledge, making him a great candidate for the job.

Former APSE president Jeff Rosen said Potosky’s proactive mindset and selfless characteristics will allow him to succeed as an APSE leader and praised his ability to bridge the gap between Philadelphia’s print products and, making each excellent.

“Gary is not in it for Gary; Gary cares deeply about journalism, especially sports journalism, and, even more especially, digital sports journalism,” Rosen said in an email. “There’s not a lot of ego in Gary. That will serve him, and us, well.”

Rosen said Potosky moves into APSE leadership at a time when everyone is hungry as ever for direction, for someone to stand up and say, “Here’s what works; I’m happy to share how to do it if you’ll hear me out.

“We’ve all seen too many of our comrades lose their jobs. We know the stakes here. And Gary speaks the truth,” Rosen said. “He’s approachable, has sound ideas, values diversity and isn’t afraid to put himself out there.”

One big thing Potosky hopes to achieve is finding models for success through relationships, creating a sense of camaraderie within APSE, and continuing to build on those models. It’s what the organization is all about, he said.

John Quinn, longtime APSE member and former sports editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer, described Potosky as trustworthy, not only as an editor but as a person.

“If you give him a task, you know it’s going to get done, and it’s going to get done right,” Quinn said.

When Potosky began his career fresh out of Rutgers, he didn’t see himself being in the position he is now. He just wanted to write. As time passed and his career evolved, he realized he wanted more.

A product of those who have inspired and mentored him over the years, Potosky said, he shifted toward the editor and supervisor roles, a place he believed was best for him.

“When it’s your time to step into that arena, you don’t know that you’re ready until you’re there and then you realize all the things you’ve learned from these people,” Potosky said.

Now, as a leader for APSE, Potosky hopes to emulate those who have inspired him and mentor the next generation of sports journalists across the country.

“I want, you know, our legacy, my legacy to be that we brought in new generations of leadership to continue to make this business important and to do the right things the right way and keep people informed.”

Potosky will begin his term after the 2019 APSE summer conference in June. He will serve a three-year term, ascending from second vice president to first vice president during the first two years before serving as president in 2021-22.