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NABJ constitutional change inspires former president Gregory Lee to run for a second term

By Sierra Morgan Galanza
SJI Class of 2019

Despite his busy schedule, former NABJ president Gregory H. Lee Jr. is running for a second term.

Lee served as NABJ president from 2011-13. During that time, presidents were only allowed one, two-year term. It wasn’t until a constitution change in 2015 that presidents were allowed to serve for two terms. Current president Sarah Glover is the first president to take advantage of this change and has been in office since 2015.

“I never really thought I would do this again,” Lee said. “I would always think to myself, ‘what would I do with a second term?’ ”

Between helping plan SJI classes and working as the managing editor of the D.C. and Baltimore sites for the Athletic, Lee still finds the time and passion for running his current campaign.

“I just love NABJ and I believe I still have something to give to our great organization,” Lee said.

In addition to his work with the various non-profit organizations, Lee has been with the Athletic since Sept. 2018 and has no trouble managing such a large workload.

“Working at the Athletic gives me one big advantage. I do not have to commute. I work from home,” Lee said. “This means I have more time in the day to do other things.”

Lee’s passion for leadership has always been a significant aspect of his life. A 1994 alum, Lee returned to SJI in 2001 where he helped the organization part-time in Baltimore. A year later, he took over a more significant role.

“I just enjoy being part of the process of helping students reach their goals in becoming a sports journalist or just being a productive person outside of the program,” Lee said.

His devotion to building the program and individual journalists carry over to NABJ. One of Lee’s primary goals for a second term is to improve the organization’s leadership.

“I want to increase the scale of leadership by providing more leadership training to our association,” Lee said.

Lee says that it’s hard to run a non-profit, but the leadership skills he has gained in organizations such as SJI, the Sports Task Force and NABJ, have inspired him to try and implement leadership training opportunities in NABJ.

“People want to lead, but you need the tools to lead,” Lee said.

Top photo by Justin Parham