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Lending a helping hand

Coming into SJI, one thing I wanted to hone was my game recaps. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. When I realized we were covering a Diamondbacks game on Tuesday, I was excited. It was via a live stream, but it was so much fun. Parth Upadhyaya and I sat next to each other and I helped him out with baseball lingo and how to score some things. I told him that when we go to a Mercury game later in the week, those roles will be switched. The game of baseball is so beautiful, and it was just our luck that the games we covered weren’t just routine nine-inning games. There was rain, extra innings, walk-offs–it was pretty great. Everyone here helps each other: We study for sports checks together and share stories of our media encounters. This is a great group and I can’t wait to see my classmates achieve their dreams.
— Arianna Vedia