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J.L. Kirven

Who is J.L. Kirven? He’s more than just a rising senior from Ohio University. When J.L. was young, he used to throw newspapers with his dad to help keep the family afloat. As they drove through dark neighborhoods, he would sift through articles with a flashlight and converse with his dad about headlines and interesting ledes to keep him awake. That’s when J.L. first fell in love with words. As J.L. grew up, he started writing stories of his own. First comic books, then columns about his favorite sports topics. That’s why when his parents pressured him into finding a career path, the answer was as clear as the print he read during those cold nights of his youth. J.L. wanted to be a storyteller. But not just an average one, but one that could inspire and captivate readers with every sentence. He studied hard to become one of Ohio University’s brightest young journalists. But that wasn’t enough. Now he aspires to become one of the best writers in the world, and that journey has led him to the Sports Journalism Institute. A place that will prepare and challenge him as he treks into his first professional newsroom at the Detroit Free Press. He’s far from his goal, but he will never stray from the path. Who is J.L. Kirven? He’s a man on a mission.