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Familiar spot, new journey

Almost a week to the date, my return to Phoenix happened. This time I wasn’t here as a 10-week Pulliam Fellow with The Arizona Republic. I’m here because of my selection to the 27th SJI class of 2019.
Arriving in my black stretchable hoodie, washed out blue jeans and black “Cool Guy” hat, a new journey had begun. For one week I will be around some of the most accomplished individuals in sports journalism. Some have covered all sorts of sports, others are decision makers or educators.
Intrigue entered my body as I hobbled my sore legs to baggage claim following a six-hour flight from Boston. After getting my 46-pound suitcase, my attention went straight to the SJI student-created group chat with a simple question. “Who am I going to be riding with?” When that was sorted out, we met at a nearby Starbucks in the airport, a new journey was about to begin.
With four of us entering a Suburban, my first time in such a vehicle, we entered the campus of Arizona State University. Outside waiting for us was Greg Lee, who was waving to us. It was at that moment the journey became real. I’m part of an exclusive group. Time to get to work.

–Clevis Murray