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Facing down adversity

Adversity. For different people, this word could mean different things. For those who are part of this summer’s Sports Journalism Institute, it’s a word we’ve heard repeated numerous times. The first three times I heard Leon Carter yell out the word in our classroom, I wondered why adversity would be a theme for our week. Then, during the second day of boot camp, I realized what adversity would mean to me here. Baseball is not a favorite sport of mine. Covering baseball is even more out of my comfort zone. However, our assignment for day two was to cover the Diamondbacks-Rockies game on deadline. I struggled to fill out the scorecard while watching and taking notes on the game, and there were terms the announcers used that I had to Google. Then I realized: This is adversity. This was something that was difficult and made me uncomfortable. However, I remained resilient, wrote my story and submitted it on time–a victory, for one day, over adversity.
– – Ariana Taylor