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Elizabeth Finny

My name is Elizabeth Finny and while some people say I’m a bandwagon fan, I’d like to think my scattered sports alliances are more nuanced than that. My baseball team, the Miami Marlins, peaked when I was so young that their 2003 World Series victory is one of my earliest and fondest sports memories. I root for the New England Patriots in Miami, where I have never seen them beat the Dolphins on the road and take endless criticism for my fandom. That’s only the beginning of my love for some of the most hate-able teams in sports. I discovered my passion for journalism later than most of my peers, starting to write for Duke’s newspaper, The Chronicle, my sophomore year. I’ve come far since then, covering sports such as Duke men’s basketball; working on the continuous news desk for the Miami Herald, and writing part-time for Bleacher Report’s Breaking News Team. As a recent graduate of Duke, I’ll spend this summer as an intern for in Miami, writing about my hometown team. I hope to gain experience from the people I work with and to be pushed out of my comfort zone so that I become better equipped to handle stressful situations in the field. Ultimately, I’d like to move away from straightforward sports coverage to be able to delve into how sports intersect with culture.