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Clevis Murray

If you’re reading this, you have some level of interest in who I am. Well, my name is Clevis Murray. A Boston native and a 2019 graduate of Suffolk University located downtown. While growing up in such a town, being a fan of the professional teams wasn’t me. My mood towards the success of those teams has always been neutral. Even when I covered the Celtics for The Athletic Boston, people would guess I was a fan because I was a student covering the hometown team. Nope. I didn’t cheer, moan or groan from the transactions and play of the team. Maybe, just maybe, my relaxing tone of emotions is what helped me become an objective journalist. From The Boston Globe to The Athletic and The Arizona Republic, to now The Tennessean for the summer of 2019. Not being a fan but being curious as to why fandom exists and the workings of it, have helped shape the professional I see myself becoming. My lack of fandom has helped me see clearly of interesting story ideas beyond the game. Such a perspective I believe is imperative, especially in an interesting time where so many journalists are so open about teams they support. For myself, not being a fan tests my curiosity among other things, and that’s what I’ll be bringing to The Tennessean and any other future employer.