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Captivated by social issues in sports

Even though it’s only day three of our boot camp, I can already tell that Scott Brooks will be one of my favorite speakers of the week. As soon as Brooks, the director of research at Arizona State University began speaking, I was truest captivated. Brooks researches the intersectionality of sports, race, ethnicity and urban studies. Once I learned I that about him, he already had my interest. I personally desire to bring awareness and change to social issues concurrent in sports. What also struck me about Brooks is that he has a way of identifying hidden stories that we may not otherwise recognize. For an example, he talked about the relationships student athletes have and the impact it has on themselves and their partner. Brooks even spoke on certain issue that I experience myself. He brought up the term ‘imposter syndrome’, which is the feeling that you don’t belong somewhere because of doubts in your abilities. I constantly have imposter syndrome but when Brooks spoke about it in depth and brought up his own experiences with it, I felt encouraged by that. I definitely plan on keeping in contact with Brooks to pick his brain and be inspired.
— Ariana Taylor