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Brooks: Sports about more than the final score

There is a pendulum swing happening in sports right now and Dr. Scott Brooks explained it in detail Tuesday. Brooks, director of research at the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University, spoke to our Sports Journalism Institute class about intersectionality, critical race theory and interest convergence–topics none of us had a clue about, at least when he started speaking. Brooks urged us to pick a second field of study because just as athletes are more than the sports they play, we must be more than writers or broadcaster. He broke down how sports are about money as much as they are about athletics, and how big companies aren’t always on the good side of history. Our eyes were opened when Brooks showed a clip of the 2004 “Malice at the Palace” brawl involving the Pacers and Pistons and dissected the history of athletes’ attitudes toward the media. He stressed the importance of relationships, and of understanding what surrounds sports. While Brooks didn’t teach us how to write a game story on deadline or how to score a baseball game, the lessons he taught should be part of the curriculum in classrooms across the country and we were very lucky to hear, and learn from, what he had to say.
— J.L. Kirven