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Boivin: Orel Hershiser provided key moment in career

When Paola Boivin stepped into the Los Angeles Dodgers clubhouse, she looked down at her feet so she wouldn’t be taunted by any of the half-dressed baseball players.

During that time, Boivin was having a hard time as a journalist. She questioned whether or not she wanted to continue, but it was a few words of encouragement from pitcher Orel Hershiser that gave her a boost.

“I want you to know that you need to come in here and look straight forward and act like because you do belong. You belong in here as much as anyone,” he said.

Boivin said that moment in her life was significant because it was the first time a player had her back. She described how athletes would taunt women in media and no one would speak up, so being told that she belonged was a pivotal moment.

“When I sort of look at these markers during my career, he’s definitely one of those major markers,” she said.

From the time she started her career until now, the respect for women in media has improved greatly. It’s not perfect, but it’s far from what it was, she said. Women in media are treated as equals and it brings tears to her eyes.

–By Arianna Vedia