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Becoming better day by day

It was not an easy thing feeling discouraged about my first deadline assignment that I did yesterday at boot camp. I am definitely one of those people who over think everything and panic when I am not 100% confident about something. When I had to turn in my recap of the Diamondbacks at Rockies game that was held on Tuesday, I felt unsure. When I spoke to Mr. Carter the next day about it, he gave me great advice and critiqued my paper, and that made me feel better for my next deadline story. Again, the class had a deadline story on the Diamondbacks at Rockies game. I went into the assignment feeling more confident. Yes, it was still stressful, but that’s something that I hope will get better over time. No, I was still not 100%, but I know the process is learning from my mistakes and getting better each time. I am looking forward for the next deadline story because I know the more I practice, the better I will get. Plus, I will get more advice from Leon Carter, Gregory Lee Jr. and Sandy Rosenbush that will benefit me and I am excited for that!
–Madisen Carter