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Arianna Vedia

My name is Arianna Vedia and I am a junior at the University of Texas at Arlington. Since the fall of 2016, I have worked my way up within my school’s student newspaper, The Shorthorn, serving in positions ranging from sports reporter to managing editor. This summer, as part of the Sports Journalism Institute class of 2019, I will be interning with the Houston Chronicle. Any chance I’m given to get my foot in the door, I’m going to take it. I have always been passionate about writing and storytelling, and SJI has given me the opportunity to not only put my skills to the test out in the professional world but to grow and become a well-rounded journalist. This summer I hope to step out of my comfort zone and become confident in what I do. I am not only a first-generation college student but the first of my siblings to graduate from high school. I push myself to the limits so that I can set a path of success for my younger siblings to follow — and that starts with pursuing my dream of becoming a writer.