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Alanis Thames

My name is Alanis Thames. I’m a rising senior and sports journalism student at the University of Florida. I was never good at any particular sport when I was a child. I barely played. I just loved to watch. I loved the competition, and I loved the way sports made me feel. Angry. Anxious. Excited. Sports have always had some sort of effect on me, whether it was the games, the players or the stories. That’s why I chose a career in sports journalism. I enjoy storytelling, and I enjoy making people feel something about players, sports and other aspects that maybe they didn’t know they cared about. And that is the biggest thing that I hope to take away from the Sports Journalism Institute. I want to be better at making people feel things through my stories. I’ve gotten a start working at UF’s campus newspaper, The Independent Florida Alligator, since the spring semester of my sophomore year covering track and field, football and men’s basketball. And I’ll take what I learn at SJI with me this summer as I intern with Yahoo! Sports in Los Angeles.