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Wolfe’s message: “You belong”—and we do

It’s motivating to me to see another man of color who is serious about, and successful in, journalism, and for that reason I found my conversation this week with ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe very inspirational. Journalists of color are in the minority in the newsroom as well as most locker rooms, and it can be easy to feel as though you don’t belong. But Cameron’s success helps prove that we do belong and we can do good work when put in the right position.

Cameron made it clear that he took advantage of every opportunity presented to him, from covering the Broncos’ beat a year removed from SJI to finding himself covering the Tennessee Titans for ESPN—all before the age of 25. He spoke about the need to be prepared, the need to be able to plug into your surroundings and the need to believe that “you belong in every room you’re in.” All this helped propel him forward, and it’s advice I’ll take with me as I leave the SJI classroom for my internship.

–Andre Toran