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Wilbon drops knowledge

As someone who has always known what I wanted to do professionally at an early age, I make it a point of emphasis to soak up as much knowledge as I can from professionals. I’ve always enjoyed attending journalism seminars and conferences. If there is an incoming speaker on campus I had to make sure I was in the audience.

I’ve heard way more speeches than I can count and sometimes the discussions can become repetitive. Michael Wilbon’s phone call to the SJI class today was completely different. Wilbon was dropping gems that more young journalists should hear. My biggest takeaways from the conversation was to be competitive and master the art of storytelling. A lot of sports articles now feature stats and other forms of analytics.

Wilbon’s main point was sometimes we get so caught up in that people don’t tell an actual story. His call also reminded me how important it is to focus on tightening my writing skills. To be a well-rounded journalist, I’ll have to be able to tell a story on multiple platforms. If i can do that, maybe I’ll be half the journalist he is.

— Chancellor Johnson