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Trust the Process

As journalists we often get too invested in chasing our dream job that we don’t take the time to appreciate the journey it took to get there. On Wednesday, Daniel Uthman, managing editor for The Athletic, spoke to us about his path to his current role.

Uthman, who worked at The Roanoke Times, The Oregonian, The Washington Post and USA Today, highlighted each of his roles and how they compared to his current position. He also took a break from the business in between The Washington Post and USA Today. During that time, Twitter was born. Go figure.

“I was out of the business for three years and when I came back, the industry was completely different from when I left in 2009,” Uthman said.

With the rise of Twitter and other social media platforms, journalists had to adjust. He also explained that while he initially believed his dream job was at The Roanoke Times, he’s never been happier than he is right now at The Athletic. Uthman’s path is proof that we all should trust the process.

–Michael Curtis