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Pelletier has short lived VP term as he accepts role at larger paper

By Steven Hernandez
SJI Class of 2018

The third Vice President of APSE is stepping down from his position.

Justin Pelletier, who is currently the managing sports editor at the Sun Journal, became the new sports editor at the Boston Herald.

“I’m pretty familiar with the Boston sports landscape and it’s certainly one of the best sports town in the country,” he said. “My expectations aren’t any more than they would be anywhere else.”

Pelletier, who worked at the Sun Journal for 16 years, said he is looking to use his experience at the Maine paper to bring a news perspective to the newsroom.

“You look at anything from anyone coming in from the outside anywhere is going to bring a fresh perspective to things,” he said.

According to APSE’s guidelines, the third vice president’s task is to represent sports editors that are in the organization’s smallest newspaper category—those with fewer than 40,000 daily copies. While Pelletier will no longer be the third vice president, he will still remain a part of the organization. He will, however, still be able to remain as Northeast Region chair.

On June 6, APSE announced that Dan Spears of the Wilmington StarNews won the runoff election for the third vice president position.

“I still plan to remain 100 percent involved,” he said, “It’s important to maintain that organization and maintain those connections at the professional level.”

Pelletier also turned to Twitter on May 11th to announce his job change.

“Boston has been a place I’ve loved, and I’ve always wanted to have a chance to work there,” Pelletier wrote, “now, I will.”

Pelletier joined the Sun Journal in 2002, and became the assistant sports editor in 2007. In 2016, he became the editor for nights, sports and digital.

The Sun Journal, which is published in Lewiston, Maine, is also in Pelletier’s home state. Pelletier expressed his appreciation for his hometown in his announcement.

“I grew up here. I went to school here, and I came back to work here. Most people also probably thought I’d retire here. And I still may.”

Now, Pelletier will move to Boston, a city with sport teams in all four major American sports leagues—the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots. The new Herald editor spoke of the paper’s sports culture:

“The Herald has a strong sports tradition in one of the best sports cities in the country,” he said, “and I am hoping to help build upon that tradition, and help them grow as our profession continues to evolve.”

Pelletier was announced as APSE’s new third vice president earlier this year. He replaced Robert Gagliardi of the Laramie Boomerang in Wyoming. His two-year term was officially planned to start at the APSE summer convention in Nashville on June 17-20.

APSE held a special election to determine a new third vice president.