Sports Journalism Institute

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Diversity on display

I want to highlight my SJI classmates.

They come from all walks of life. They come from all over the country and dozens of nations. They speak many languages. They follow different religions or none, and vote for every political party.

They are the people who embraced these differences, people who are compassionate, thoughtful, and willing to build bridges where there are none. They are the people who taught me not to forget the value that we bring to the table as people of compassion and empathy, to remember that our service is bigger than our ego.

It is because of them––because of the speakers, students and alumni of SJI––that I am confident in our future. I hope that we are people who never let go of these traits, who are remembered for reminding others that life is bigger than our achievements.

That life is about being good people.

— Alaa Abdeldaiem