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Accepting the Wilbon challenge

The generation I am a part of — Millennials, they call us — has the expectation that everything will be readily available to them at their fingertips. I won’t argue this or run from the fact that this notion is concrete.

Born in an ever-developing digital world, we have become the product of a microwave society. And instead of using these tools to fashion ourselves into the best of whatever we want to be, often we misuse what should be used for our advantage.

We have become lazy and entitled.

Our interaction today with Michael Wilbon made this a reality. We search to be comfortable, at all times. We don’t really understand sacrifice. And more times than not we will look for the easiest way out. This won’t cut it.

Wilbon urged us to immerse ourselves in something, to really dedicate ourselves to whatever it takes to be the best at something.
We currently exist amid so many of our peers that consider mediocrity to be okay; and often look for nothing more.

Wilbon’s challenge to us was to, “Become a expert in something.”

And I accept his challenge wholeheartedly.

This way, entitlement becomes humility and laziness melts away; words become action and comfort is readily sacrificed in exchange for future success.

–Andre Toran