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You can have it all

My writing and my family are among the few things I truly love in this life. With that being said, I am well aware of the hectic and even chaotic schedule that awaits me in my strides to be a successful journalist.

I understand that there will be long hours and days with little sleep.I understand that the job will have to take priority on more than one occasion, so that (a) I can continue to do what I love at a high level and (b) so I can support the very family I have and hope to have.

So, yes I’ve had my worries about starting family and maintaining the close-knit ties with the other family members. And to be quite frank, I’ve often questioned if I could successfully have both at the same time.

Today’s talk with ESPN’s Lisa Salters and Heather Dinich — both doubling as active mothers and extremely successful journalists — gave me the hope.

But as Dinich — the mother of three young boys — said with a prideful resilience, “it can be done.”

-Andre Toran