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Visit was a special, and personal, treat

Baseball has always been my first love. My dad introduced me to the sport when I was a teenager, and it has stuck with me ever since. So visiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was a special treat, crossing off an item on my bucket list. It was brimming with detail, the kind often forgotten in history if it isn’t specifically recorded.

My favorite part, though, was a small fragment of the many facts and stories displayed on the wall. It was the story of ballplayers from the Negro Leagues who made the trek overseas to play baseball in Japan, among other countries. That was cool. Japan’s a baseball-crazed country, and viewing even a glimpse of that through the Negro Leagues is an intriguing perspective.

So the nod connecting my love for baseball and my ethnicity was neat. It was a tad humorous seeing the height difference between the Negro League players compared to their Japanese counterparts, but I digress. Baseball’s a beautifully romantic sport, and seeing its history through unconventional paths makes the sport what it is, at least in my opinion.
–Souichi Terada