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The glow is real with Salters

The star shined through Skype as she talked to the SJI class this week. Life can be challenging, and demanding of hard work, but on May 29, Salters had a few twists on that common wisdom. She understands that millions of people are watching her on TV when she reports on Sports Center or Monday Night Football, and she doesn’t want to let her family or herself down. Asked about what team she roots for, she replied: “I root for me.”
Listening to her speak was an unreal moment. Salters has always been a reporter I admire for her groundbreaking reports. “Whether its sports or hard news, it’s a craft, “she said.
She also reminded us that we don’t have to limit ourselves to choosing either broadcast or print. At one time that was true, but not now, Salters said. “If you can write, you can do whatever you want,” she said.
–Allana Barefield