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The barbecue

Look, where I’m from — the metro Detroit area — we don’t have quality barbecue. Not to say we don’t have any good food, but I haven’t found a place to religiously visit like clockwork. There’re some good sushi spots, my dad’s old place comes to mind, and Shake Shack isn’t a bad move. There are plenty of places to eat some quality food, especially around the city of Detroit. And on a lesser scale, shout out to Conrad’s in East Lansing, the best after-hour food in town.

But that barbecue at Gates BBQ affected my psyche. The meat was tender, the sauce sweet, the tad bit of heat tingling my mouth. As I write this, I’m still feeling the aftereffects of the food. It was that good. The meat pulled off the bone beautifully, the complete opposite of how my hands became progressively covered in that sauce. I had planned to go to Memphis later this summer since I’ll be interning at Nashville, and that chance just grew exponentially higher.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already Day 4 of SJI. The long days blending together to form a nice smoothie — which I could’ve used to wash down the barbecue. While I consider Missouri to be in the Midwest, it’s still hard to believe just how differently food is compared to my hometown in Michigan. But I’ll definitely be dreaming of that sauce these next few weeks.

–Souichi Terada