Sports Journalism Institute

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I’m Souichi Terada and I’ll be a senior at Michigan State University in the fall. This summer, I’ll intern at The Tennessean in Nashville. Along with visiting Columbia and Nashville for SJI, I’ll visit Houston for the Asian American Journalists Association’s national convention in August. I earned the Jimmie & Suey Fong Yee scholarship through the help of Don Yee, Tom Brady’s agent, for an all-expenses paid trip to Houston. Through the weeklong bootcamp at SJI and my internship, I hope to become a better reporter with a keen eye for storytelling. Anybody can see what happened during the game and write about it on paper — that’s the easy part. Instead, I want to be the type of reporter who can tell the stories beyond the game. SJI was easily my dream internship with its focus on diversity and inclusion. It’s still hard for me to believe I’m a part of the SJI family. For the rest of this summer, I hope to work on my craft as a journalist.