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Salters all about hard work and emotional investment

As an aspiring sports journalist, I study some of the greats in my field. I watch their delivery, their style and even their mannerisms. I look into their backgrounds and follow them on social media. Any way I can get a leg up on my competition and improve my standing for my future career, I try to do it.
One of the legendary figures in sports journalism I look up to is Lisa Salters. Through the lens of someone watching her on my screen, she represents the absolute professional, seeming to be always ready and naturally composed.
So it was an honor to have Salters speak to us on Tuesday morning. The biggest thing I took from our conversation her work ethic. To say her week-to-week schedule is hectic would be an understatement. In fact, on Mondays during NFL season (when she works Monday Night Football), she does more than 15 live hits before the night is over.
I also appreciated her talk on storytelling. “When you allow stories to touch you, that’s when your stories touch others,” Salters said. If I could have half of the career that she has, I know I’ll be in good shape. As an ESPN intern this upcoming summer, a chance to shadow her during a story would easily be a highlight of my internship.
–Chancellor Johnson