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Meet Allana

I’m Allana Barefield, a junior at Xavier University of Louisiana. I chose New Orleans as the place to pursue my education with the hope of connecting with both the spirit of my late father, a New Orleans native, and his love for sports and writing. It didn’t take me long to find what I was searching for. The anguish I had experienced when my father died at the end of my high school life soon gave way to a determination to become a multimedia journalist. It was the last memory my father and I held dear—sports and journalism. Through SJI, I hope to strengthen my writing skills and take storytelling to another level by incorporating video. And I want to tell stories that are being pushed aside regarding people of color—especially sports stories that intertwine with politics and race. These narratives are important, and are waiting to be told. I will be spending my summer getting ready at the Tampa Bay Times.