Sports Journalism Institute

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My name is Christopher Lopez and I am a rising senior at Columbia University in New York. I have worked at my school’s student newspaper, the Columbia Daily Spectator, since the spring semester of my first year on campus, and have served as sports editor since September 2017. But before my days at Columbia, I grew up in South Pasadena, Calif. And this summer, as part of the Sports Journalism Institute, I will be interning at the Southern California News Group, where my primary office will be a 15-20 minute drive from my house—depending on Los Angeles traffic, of course. I am excited for this opportunity to work in sports journalism, which has been a key interest of mine for most of my college life. My time at Spectator has helped me develop my voice for storytelling and my skills for reporting, both of which I will hope to refine this summer. As a Latino whose parents were immigrants, I am grateful for my diverse background, and look to bring that perspective into my work this summer and beyond.