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Internship check list (thanks, Aaron)

On May 25 I had the privilege of meeting SJI 2016 grad Aaron Reiss, who opened my eyes on what it takes to get into this industry plus how to stay there. It is so easy for you to be replaced if you’re not ready to give your all. I learned that you need to cover any event as if it were the Super Bowl. It shouldn’t matter if 10 reporters are in the room asking questions or 30,000. My key takeaways for success this summer:

Show up to your internship: Make a name for yourself in a positive light. You are representing yourself but also SJI alum who paved the way for you to be here.

Have ideas ready to pitch: Make an evergreen list of stories that are not related to a specific location or sport, so you can use the concept for most any topic.

Accept constitutive criticism: The only way to learn is to be taught from seasoned professionals.
–Allana Barefield