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Incoming president Bednarowski stepping up to the plate


On June 20, the Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE) plans to christen John Bednarowski as its 45th president. His election will serve as an exclamation mark to the end of the organization’s annual conference.

Bednarowski, sports editor at the Marietta Daily Journal, will ascend into the role of president after a decorated affiliation with the APSE. Prior to his election, Bednarowski served the organization in many capacities – including all three vice presidential seats and Southeast Region chair and vice chair.

Though his election will add another notch to Bednarowski’s belt – one dedicated to the advancement of professional standards and excellence in newsrooms across the country – his ascension will set a standard for many smaller market papers, as the Marietta Daily Journal will be the smallest circulation paper ever to have an individual become president of the APSE.

“It boggles my mind sometimes to think that I am going to be in that position [as president of the APSE],” Bednarowski said. “But, at the same point, the membership has the confidence in me and I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know, and that’s where I will be leaning on people like former presidents… all of those that have come before me, been in my chair and understand exactly what’s going on.”

Bednarowski is set to succeed Jeff Rosen of the Kansas City star, who has high confidence in Bednarowski’s ability to run the APSE with proficiency and a determination for growth and change.

As a part of this change, Bednarowski wants to immediately place his focus on adjusting the dues structure and contest divisions of the APSE to foster a more equitable space for members of the organization.

This is an agenda former president Rosen supports and expects to be the hallmark of Bednarowski’s term.

“I expect that John will be a fine president,” Rosen said. “He’s got a strong program in the works that will continue to build our sponsorship portfolio into 2019 and beyond, culminating with a summer conference that will be among the best we’ve had.”

“John’s time in our highest office will also be spent finalizing and implementing changes to our membership structure to a) attract more membership and b) even the playing field for existing members when contest time rolls around.”
These core focuses of the impending Bednarowski administration lie at the heart of the APSE’s greatest needs and represent the needs of the larger journalistic community as a whole.

Amid a journalistic landscape peppered with shrinking staffs and resources due to industry-wide budget cuts, Bednarowski believes the focuses of his agenda within APSE can also help address the issue of the industry.