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How Kansas City ended my three-week pork fast

From the moment I stepped foot into Gates Bar-B-Q, I got nostalgia from the smell of barbecue. I began to think about cookouts with my family as a kid. I snapped back to reality when Allana Barefield asked me, “Mike, what are you getting? I had no clue.

My decision-making with food has always been tough and this wasn’t an exception. Since my birthday earlier this month, I vowed to myself to eat healthier and cut down on pork. Bacon, ham, pork chops, and most notably, ribs are my weakness. I was proud of myself for going three weeks without any of it, but I couldn’t help myself. I chose the “short end” slab, and it was amazing.

After everyone finished eating, Christopher Lopez decided to surprise the group. He began playing the piano that was in the back of the room in which we were eating. While I initially thought he was just joking around, once he started taking requests I realized he was pretty good! He’s leading the leaderboard in Sports Check and showcasing hidden talents. Overall, Gates Bar-B-Q turned out to be a wonderful experience!

— Michael Curtis