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Class of 2009

The  Sports Journalism Institute class of 2009.

The Sports Journalism Institute class of 2009.

The class of 2009

(Pictured above clockwise from the top left)

Andrew Johnson
Morehouse College
Internship: Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer
Today: Production assistant, ESPN

Ana Kim
University of North Carolina
Internship: Buffalo News
Today: Global Health Communications Officer @theIRC

Juan Lopez
University of Nevada-Reno
Internship: Colorado Springs Gazette
Today: Digital Marketer | Dynamic Motivator | #TEDx & Empowerment Speaker

Jordan Mason
University of North Carolina
Internship: ESPN
Today: Sports writer for the Killeen Daily Herald

Larry Young
Southern University
Internship: Houston Chronicle
Today: Preps Reporter/Editor at The Daily Advertiser

Anica Wong
Internship: Denver Post
Today: Website editor at Creators Syndicate in Los Angeles

David Ubben
University of Missouri
Internship: The Oklahoman
Today: Freelance journalist for hire. | Contributor: @SportsOnEarth

Ronnie Turner
University of Houston
Internship: Salt Lake Tribune

Nate Taylor
Central Missouri University
Internship: Star Tribune in Minneapolis
Today: Pacers reporter, Indianapolis Star