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Meet the 26th Class

The Sports Journalism Institute is proud to announce its 26th class for the 2018 session.

A group of eight men and six women make up the 26th edition, which will be in residence at the University of Missouri School of Journalism from May 25-June 2, 2018 with students moving on to internships around the country.

The work experience that awaits them is as diverse as the class. ESPN, Los Angeles Newspaper Group, Kansas City Star, Salt Lake Tribune and are just a few of the destinations. We will also have a trio of Gannett newspapers in Tennessee – the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Knoxville News Sentinel and The Tennessean.

“SJI enters its second quarter century as strong and vital as it was on Day One, and we thank our sponsors for helping us build and grow this family of journalists,” said Sandy Rosenbush, an SJI co-founder.

In 2012, SJI and Missouri began a partnership in which SJI conducts its boot camp at the Missouri School of Journalism. This year’s SJI class will also include a Missouri student. SJI also has a partnership with the Scripps Foundation, which has two students in this year’s program.

Once again, SJI thanks its partners at the Asian-American Journalists Association, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists (whose past president is Gregory Lee Jr. a 1994 SJI alum who faithfully promotes and works with SJI). SJI also thanks its sponsors, including APSE, and Disney.

SJI thanks its funders and partners (old and new). With their help, we’ve added roughly 325 women and minorities to the staffs of the nation’s sports media.

The Class of 2018

(Top row from left to right)
Alaa Abdeldaiem
Indiana University/Purdue University, Senior,

DeAundra Allen
Kansas State, Junior, Kansas City Star

Allana Barefield
Xavier University, Junior, Tampa Bay Times

Michael Curtis
Middle Tennessee St., Senior, Knoxville News Sentinel

(Second row from left to right)
Cameron Fields
Ohio University, Junior, Scripps Scholar, Toledo Blade

Angel Franco
Texas A&M, Junior, Gannett Scholar

Steven Hernandez
Ohio University, Junior,

Chancellor Johnson
Arizona State, Junior, ESPN

Christopher Lopez
Columbia University, Junior, Southern California News Group

(Third row from left to right)

Tashan Reed
Missouri, Senior, (Memphis) Commercial Appeal

Souichi Terada
Michigan State, Junior, The Tennessean

(Fourth row from left to right)
Andre Toran
Christopher Newport, Senior, Gannett Scholar

Jaydn Watson-Fisher
Oklahoma, Senior, Gannett Scholar