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The Class of 2010

The Sports Journalism Institute, Class of 2010.

The Class of 2010

(Pictured clockwise from the top left):

  • Aaron Hilton, Hampton University, Sacramento Bee
    “Journalism isn’t just a profession for me; sports journalism is my passion. I’ve known since high school that my goal was to be one of the best sports journalists in the country. As a journalist I am pushed to always strive for perfection and never to settle for mediocrity. That’s why I love it so much; sports journalism demands both excellence in the field of journalism and a greater knowledge of the sport you’re covering.”
  • Kyle Goon, Maryland, Salt Lake Tribune
    “A lot of people play sports and eventually get into sports journalism, but my lack of athleticism is sort of legendary. I played baseball, soccer and was on my high school track team, and I flopped in each. … I do play 2 sports decently — Frisbee and racquetball — but the scouts haven’t called yet. I’m interested in sports journalism because I like watching others accomplish amazing physical feats.” Editor’s note: Goon was recently hired by the Salt Lake Tribune after a successful summer internship.
  • Aaron Martinez, UTEP, Houston Chronicle
    “I’ve been working at UTEP’s student newspaper The Prospector for more than two years, and I took over as editor in chief in the fall of 2009. After working at a twice-weekly newspaper for two years, I am very excited to work at a daily this summer and getting the experience of a major newspaper.”
  • Amelia Rayno, Emerson, Star Tribune in Minneapolis
    “Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a fascination with discovering things and writing them down. Since I was 8, I’ve kept an extensive journal…As I grew older I realized this passion could be combined with another of mine, for sports, and could serve to transform a solitary moment in a game or in the locker room into a meaningful anecdote, explanation or analogy.”
  • Cheng Sio, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Gazette
    “In my recommendation letters, words describing me include intense, driven, assertive, focused, dogged, conscientious, sincere and thoughtful. … If I graduate in May as I expect to, this summer means the beginning of a new chapter in my life. No school—just me and my future in sports journalism.”
  • Malik Smith, Hampton Univeristy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    “Sports has been my main passion for as long as I could remember and being a journalist was always something I’ve wanted to do even before I realized it myself. I’m excited for this opportunity to showcase my talents and abilities and hopefully through this experience I can become a better writer.
  • Didier Morais, Syracuse,
    “I am trilingual. Besides speaking English and Spanish, I can hold a conversation, and potentially an interview, in French. … I’m looking forward to the summer because it will have meant that I officially have graduated from Syracuse University and that I will be commencing the next phase of my life.”
  • Tariq Lee, Temple, The Oklahoman
    “I run track for a Division I university, intern with the Philadelphia Inquirer and maintain a 3.0 GPA all during the school year. I am looking forward to being given daily deadlines this summer, and I am sure they will be strict.”
  • Shemar Woods, Hampton University, Denver Post
    “I strive to bring a creative and informed perspective to every real-life situation I cover. Whether the medium is newspaper, radio or television, I absolutely enjoy working in sports media because the business and its relationship with the consumer hold professionals to a unique standard of excellence.”
  • Alex Prewitt, Tufts,
    “I can think of no better way to spend my first full summer away from home than interning at ESPN, my dream job . … Last summer I wrote an article about Tiger Woods’ alleged flatulence at the Buick Open (with a statement from the PGA Tour denying any involvement by Tiger). I am thoroughly embarrassed that this was my first piece published in USA Today!”
  • Isis Roberts, Cal-Long Beach, Santa Cruz Sentinel
    “I am very ambitious and I never settle for anything less than the best. I look forward to the summer because …I feel this program will push and challenge me. That is exactly what I want in order to improve as a journalist and a person. I look forward to following in the footsteps of the 200 journalists who have led the way before me.”