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Former Oklahoma State receiver still hopes to play in the NFL

Former OSU standout Prentiss Elliott, who was kicked off the team after his freshman season in 2004, now plays for the Oklahoma Thunder, a semi-professional team in the World Football League. Photo by Sarah Phipps of the Oklahoman.

By David Ubben
Class of 2009

SKIATOOK — Prentiss Elliott’s legs belong in the NFL. Wherever his legs are, a defender is usually far behind or below them, cursing at the prospect of giving up another reception.

His hands, strong and reliable, extend from below his forearms, bulging biceps and broad shoulders that should belong to a man who made a fortune playing wide receiver.

His brain wakes each morning from long nights dreaming about Sundays spent playing football in front of thousands, beneath a pirate ship in Tampa Bay or a hole in the ceiling in Dallas, or on fields frozen solid once the calendar flips to December. It tells him another trip to the gym is the only way his dream will ever come about.

But it hasn’t.

And those legs, those hands, those arms, those shoulders, and most importantly, that brain, are the reasons why.

As a receiver at Oklahoma State in Stillwater, he played in a town with one team. Now, he plays in a town with one McDonald’s.

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